What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Thankyou very much. Have seen these boots advertised and am stocked with the quality and fit. Will definitely be ordering more" Jody Ezzy

"Thanks for such prompt delivery on my order. I just love your boots. My daughters pony wore his Iconoclast boots last weekend to victory at the Wallaby Hill Horse Trials in the cross country - EV95." Penny and Zoe Hutchinson and Monty the pony

"Had a great weekend at the recent Scone horse trials. Took two of my guys up and tackled the cross country with full support from their Iconoclast Equine Support Boots! I want these boots to become more well known in the English disciplines, as they are certainly helping to look after my horses in testing conditions on the cross country course and every day training." Jenna Davey

"Cant say enough about Iconoclast Boots! SMB Boots actually made her sore, the inflamed her tendon sheaths, so i switched her to Iconoclast Boots 2 years ago and she hasn't been sore since! They are just amazing. I've used them so much that I'm going to need a new pair soon." Kaity Rae Oakely

"Nothing will ever compare to Iconoclast." Samantha Duncan

"I never run my horse Hemi without his Iconoclast boots. The sling support keeps his hind legs from clipping his heels with his giant stride." Ashely Johnstone Smallwood

"The princess in her Iconoclast Boots. I love them and so does she." Janine Smillie

"Super boots, doing their job. Thankyou!!!" Leanne Luscombe

"These are great boots and fit well. They don't move at all and the velcro is super strong. The bell boots are also great. The biggest bonus is they don't get filled with the arena surface. PLUS the customer service is excellent." Donna Baker

"Another successful event at Hidden Valley ODE this past weekend, "Bare Essentials" placing second in the EVA95 class. Fashioning my Iconoclast boots on the cross country course. There were multiple drop fences on course so i was very thankful for the extra support they gave my horse. Trotted up sound this morning! Highly recommended to all disciplines." Jenna Davey

"Would like to thank Iconoclast Equine Australia for these amazing boots. I had one happy horse riding today. Great Support... I recommend these boots to all my horsey friends in any discipline. Great soft boot for amazing support." Taylor Miller

"These are the best products I have ever used" Robin Boehme

"No matter the surface when I take my Iconoclast Boots off there is no arena in them. Leg protection is so important when barrel racing. Only the best for my girls." Naomi Bennett

"My gorgeous welsh mountain pony stallion Bellingara Taylor Made wearing his Iconoclast Boots. I just love them." Lisa Finnis

"Just got my front boots.. Cannot recommend these people too highly. Fabulous to do business with and such knowledge to share" Leanne Luscombe

"I was in a car accident in July, my one horse cut arteries on her front leg and her outer extensor tendon. Two and a half months ago the vet informed me that she would never be sound to ride. Because of your boots I am back barrel racing her and she is winning. She doesn't take a lame step in your boots. My horse will never wear anything else but Iconoclast. Thankyou for a superior product." Kaitlin Schlosser

"Fantastic boots! I will be getting all my horses a set." Alysha Finnigan

"I have had my eye on the Iconoclast boots for a long time now, but i was always hesitant to try something new. I kept hearing so many good things about them and i just recently decided to try them. Needless to say I'm hooked! I have tried every brand of boot out there, non of them give the full support that the Iconoclast boots do! The idea of the double sling straps underneath for lateral support is genius. My mar would occasionally get sore in her tendons and a little puffy in her fetlocks at the end of a long weekend of hauling to several rodeos. Not anymore!! These boots have kept her feeling great 24/7. Not to mention they keep the dirt our better than anything I've ever tried. I now use them on all my horses." Alison Falke

"The cheapest insurance you will ever buy!" Chad Eubank